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We’re always looking for new ways to provide a healthier home for our families. But did you know that your floors can play a significant role in this? Choosing the right type of floors can improve indoor air quality, prevent mold and help kill bacteria. We will briefly discuss how here.

Carpet: Filtering Your Home’s Air

Carpet was once known for exasperating symptoms in those suffering from asthma and allergies. Modern carpet is changing this; when cared for properly, it can actually help filter your home’s air.

When allergens eventually settle, they become trapped under the fibers of carpet. As long as your floors are vacuumed weekly, these particles will be removed before they can be kicked back into the air. Just remember to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to prevent fine particles from escaping.

Also, when having your carpets cleaned, ensure your cleaners are using the hot water extraction method. This technique is more effective at cleaning and avoids harmful chemicals.

Waterproof Carpet Backing

Many newer carpets like our Performance Destination carpet also feature a backing that is completely waterproof. This means that spills will remain sitting above the surface rather than soaking to the subfloor below. Typically, when moisture soaks into the subfloor, there really isn’t much that can be done.

Even worse, it’s difficult to know that any harm has been done until a musty odor is noticed – which, unfortunately, is a sign of mold or mildew growth. With waterproof backing, spills and moisture never reach the subfloor, even if it is not cleaned immediately.

Microban® Antimicrobial Technology

Microban is a unique treatment applied during manufacturing. It helps prevent bacterial and microbial growth in carpet. It also provides a hostile surface for mold and mildew. So, carpets stay cleaner and fresh between cleanings and naturally kill the sources of odors and allergies. Our Clean Home Destination carpet is the only carpet with Microban. Look for the Microban logo.

Hygienic Flooring

Porcelain tile flooring features a hard, impervious surface that naturally creates a hostile environment for bacteria. It’s also easier to clean and doesn’t require harsh, expensive chemicals (although it’s still important to find a cleaner specifically designed for porcelain tile).

In the past, some floors released volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over time as they naturally degraded. These leftovers from manufacturing can lower indoor air quality. Eventually, that can have an adverse impact on your family’s health. Like most (but not all) modern hard surface flooring, porcelain tile is free of VOCs.

Floorscore® Certification

Porcelain tile isn’t the only flooring that’s free of VOCs. On the more affordable end, many hardwood and vinyl selections are also designed to reduce VOC emissions. Any hard surface flooring option featuring the Floorscore® Indoor Air Quality Certification is guaranteed to be free of dangerous emissions.

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Modern floors offer enough features, innovations and styles to fit any home. If you’re ready to make an informed choice, visit Wichita’s premier flooring experts at Design Network Colortile today!