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If you’re getting ready to sell your home (or flip one), you’re probably looking for every possible way to improve its value.

Even more so, you’re probably trying to do so without breaking the bank.

The style and features of a home play a crucial role in its value. Fortunately, there’s an affordable way to improve both simultaneously. Luxury vinyl floors can instantly enhance the style of any room. They are designed to perfectly match the aesthetics of their more expensive natural counterparts, with luxury vinyl plank (LVP) reflecting hardwood aesthetics and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) designed to match tile & stone floors. Each offers their own variety of styles, with more becoming available every year.

Even better, newer vinyl selections can also improve performance in terms of moisture resistance, durability, and surface protection. Here, we’ll explore how luxury vinyl floors just might be the most affordable way to increase your home’s value.


Bulwark gray-scale LVP flooring in a living room

When vinyl floors first hit the market, they were fairly easy to tear, rip, and dent. Unfortunately, that stigma has stuck around.

However, modern luxury vinyl floors have turned this around. Most LVT and LVP floors have a special wear layer that protects each plank or tile from surface-layer damage. They also incorporate a more dense core that protects against dents. And most new generation LVP flooring will not warp or buckle due to humidity or temperature changes.


Design STatement aged wood-look LVP flooring in a bathroom

We’ve seen a growing trend towards waterproof options in recent years. And we’re not just talking about kitchens and bathrooms; homes with kids and pets need waterproof flooring just about everywhere. And with living rooms becoming the new dining room, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing waterproof floors becoming popular there too.

PVC (the material used for vinyl floors) is completely waterproof. Since it doesn’t absorb moisture, it won’t expand when wet, even if spills aren’t cleaned right away. This is a common problem with hardwood and even some ceramic tile floors.

Even better, many LVT and LVP floors use a click installation that prevents moisture from seeping through. This helps protect the subfloor from mold and moisture damage. Any liquids spilled remain on the surface, where they can be wiped away with ease.



LVT and LVP floors don’t have to sacrifice style for performance. When vinyl floors first came to the market, they often looked like cheap alternatives to hardwood. Now, the aesthetics of luxury vinyl flooring are nearly indistinguishable from wood planks. We are also seeing more options match the aesthetics of tile & stone (LVT). Even better, luxury vinyl offers more color options than its natural counterparts.


Orchestration Minerals stone-look red LVT flooring

Luxury vinyl floors are much more affordable than hardwood and stone floors, despite often matching (or exceeding) the performance of both. In fact, LVF is one of the most affordable and hottest flooring options available.

Not only does vinyl cost less to purchase, it’s also cheaper to install. Many now use a click-down installation that requires no glue or much experience to install. In other words, it’s the perfect DIY project, even with little knowledge of flooring installation (although this varies for each line). Some can be installed over existing floors. Imagine eliminating the cost of installation, harsh chemicals, and removal of old flooring, yet still increasing your home’s value. This is why LVT and LVP are popular choices among home flippers.

Pet Friendly

Aspire 7″ wood-look LVP flooring with a dog

Pet friendly houses are in high demand! Buyers love their fur babies and are actively looking for homes that will accommodate them. In fact, 81% of Americans say that pets play a role in housing decisions. So imagine if you could highlight your home as a pet-friendly destination! With luxury vinyl flooring, you can easily set your home apart in real estate listings.

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Luxury vinyl floors vary, and some lines are more feature-rich than others. If you’re ready to make the right choice for your home, visit Wichita’s top flooring experts at Design Network today!