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Temperatures are dropping in Wichita, and it’s only going to get colder in the months ahead. Soon, we’ll be struggling to find the perfect balance between home comfort and reasonable utility bills. Fortunately, we have an easy way to find the balance: carpet. Here, we’ll briefly explore how carpet can make your home more comfortable and affordable this winter.


A home’s r-value is a measure of its insulation. A higher r-value means that it will take less energy to heat the home. This, of course, leads to lower energy bills.

Carpet is a natural insulator. It instantly raises the r-value of a room after installation. The right carpet cushion can also help improve the r-value. Urethane and memory foam typically offer the best results.

Easy Cleaning

We often have carpets professional cleaned as part of a “spring cleaning” project. However, carpet is actually easier to clean during winter. Humidity levels drop during winter, allowing carpet to dry faster. Plus, the increased foot traffic during the holidays, this is probably the most important time to deep clean your carpets.

More Comfort

Few things are worse than stepping out of a warm bed onto a cold, hard surface during winter. Even during our mild winters, hard surface floors can get cold. Carpet retains its warmth even during the coldest of months.

Even better, carpet is soft. Of course, this largely depends on the fiber material. Anso Caress Nylon and SmartStrand Silk are often regarded as the most comfortable fibers. The right padding can also improve comfort. Memory foam padding is a particularly popular choice as a comfortable option.

Carpet is Versatile

Some hard surface floors – particularly traditional solid hardwood – are susceptible to expansion and contraction during seasonal changes. Solid wood planks can show gaps caused by drastic temperature changes. This is why hardwood floors need an acclimation period. Changes in humidity can have a similar impact. Carpet, of course, maintains its shape regardless of the environment.

Learn More

Carpet is a great choice for winter, but it’s not the only one. If you’re ready to make an informed choice for your home, visit Wichita’s leading flooring experts at Design Network today!