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At a glance, carpet doesn’t seem to have changed much over the years. Sure, more colors and patterns are available than ever, and carpet has become far more comfortable. However, so much more than that has changed in the world of carpet – you’ll just need to look beyond the surface (and with a microscope). Indeed, some of the most grueling aspects of owning carpets are now a thing of the past – it’s just a matter of homeowners catching up. Here are some of the latest innovations that have completely changed modern carpet.

SmartStrand Forever Clean™ Fiber

Obviously, one of the most annoying aspects of owner carpet flooring is the ease of spilling any kind of liquid on it and the difficulty of cleaning that back up. Too often we have to stop what we’re doing, get on our hands and knees, and use a combination of water, chemicals and towels to clean the mess before it dries. But with SmartStrand Forever Clean™ fiber, the grueling process of cleaning up floor messes. And it doesn’t just repel liquids, it’s soft and durable.

SpillStop® Carpet

Another problem with spills: cleanup is often a race to prevent liquids from soaking through to the through to the cushion or subfloor. Unfortunately, this can lead to the growth of mold in one of the most difficult places to detect it. However, this process has been simplified with SpillStop® Carpet. It’s backed with waterproof LifeGuard™ backing to repel fluids from soaking through the carpet’s cushion to the subfloor. They remain above the subfloor until you clean them up. You’ll find it included with several of our stylish Destination Carpets like the Performance Destination.

Anso® Nylon

Over time, carpet – especially in high traffic areas – tends to lose some of its depth. This is largely related to the carpet’s durability, which is greatly enhanced with Anso® Nylon. It is specifically engineered to maintain its design for years to come. Tip: vacuuming regularly will help enhance its efficacy. Also, if you ever decide to replace your carpet, Anso Nylon is also recyclable.

Bringing It Together

You may have noticed that some of these technologies are capable of complimenting others. Indeed, several lines of our carpet flooring include a combination of spill and protective technologies – and they still manage to pull it off in a stylish package. And while some of these technologies are vendor-specific, most manufacturers offer their own version of each with comparable performance. To learn more about the latest innovations and design fashions available for your home’s flooring, be sure to call or visit Design Network of Wichita today!