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Tile and stone has stood the test of time as a trendy flooring option for homes and businesses. While ceramic has been the traditional choice, there are a few reasons to consider its more innovative counterpart: porcelain. Although it costs more as an initial investment, it can help save more over time and help improve your home’s value. We will explore why here.


Tile & stone flooring brings the beauty of nature indoors. After all, it’s composed of the same ground pieces that compose the beautiful stone monuments and mountains that leave us in awe.

Of course, porcelain tile is also available in more styles and colors than found in nature. These colors are complimented by a variety of textures that can be seen and felt. A greater selection means finding the perfect flooring even for the most unique styles.


Individual porcelain tiles have to be handled with care, so it’s hard to believe that they can be among the most durable flooring options available. But when installed, it’s nearly impervious. That’s because porcelain is baked at significantly higher temperatures than ceramic, making it 30% harder.

Moisture Resistance

There is a reason that tile & stone is common in kitchens and bathrooms; it’s naturally moisture resistant. This is especially true for porcelain tile, which has an even lower absorption rate than ceramic. In fact, some porcelain flooring options are actually completely waterproof when installed with a waterproof grout. So not only will your flooring hold up against spills and changes in humidity, but your subfloor will remain unaffected as well.

Suitable For Outdoor Applications

Need ideas for your backyard getaway? Porcelain tile offers the perfect foundation for your patio’s style. As we’ve discussed, it has the capacity to be waterproof. It is also frost resistant and maintains its integrity during seasonal temperature changes.

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